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Our specialty is the production of ambient, spectacular external and internal advertising.

3D Advertising Figures

Bring your advertising to life with 3D Advertising Figures! Our three-dimensional creations take your brand to a new dimension, attracting customer attention like never before. Unique, custom-made, and full of life, our 3D figures are perfect for stores, events, or sales points. Forget traditional banners and posters – our 3D figures will make your brand stand out, be remembered, and be seen. Investing in 3D Advertising Figures is not just advertising, it’s a groundbreaking experience for your brand and customers!

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Artistic Sculptures

Discover a unique dimension of art with our Artistic Sculptures! Each sculpture is a work of art that speaks to emotions and imagination.

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Interior Decor

Our carefully selected, unique figures are perfect to add character and elegance to any room.

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Od ponad 30 lat we are changing reality

We create urban spaces, enliven trade fairs, break through conservative interiors, and elevate shop displays to the status of small (and sometimes sizeably large!) masterpieces.

We specialize in ambient marketing, where there’s no room for boredom. It has to be inventive. Colorful. Captivating. You must be speechless when you encounter a pink elephant on the sidewalk or feel hungry when you stumble upon giant fries around the corner.
Our sculptures and 3D figures are just like that – unpredictable, yet meticulously detailed. And tamed by our cohesive team. Although fiberglass is a hard, weather-resistant material, the hands of our designers, sculptors, and painters can spectacularly breathe life into it, full of shapes and colors. Only then do we set them free, and we know they perform excellently across all continents.

As our client, you receive our vast experience and open minds. There’s no concept of “impossible” in them. It’s always possible, and these minds always work to ensure our products are a fusion of unconventional art and marketing effectiveness. Thanks to this, for years we’ve been creating 3D figures that are pleasing to the eye, surprising, and also sell and promote services.

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