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We are a producer of advertising 3D figures

The specialty of our company is the production of ambient, spectacular outdoor and indoor advertising, objects and constructions, advertising, decorative and functional figures, as well as mobile solutions, gastronomic models, monuments and artistic sculptures.

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Advertising figures 3D

Stately, beautiful and original.

Artistic sculptures

Art at your fingertips.

Interior design

decoration doesn’t have to be boring

3D accessories for photo studio

Bring photos to life with beautiful exhibits and realistic-looking 3D figures.

We have been changing reality for almost 30 years.

We create urban space, embellish trade fairs, break conservative interiors, and raise shop windows to the rank of small (and sometimes large!) Masterpieces.

We specialize in ambient marketing, and there is no place for boredom in it. Must be clever. Colorful. Hauntingly. You must be speechless when meeting a pink elephant on the pavement or get hungry when you come across huge fries around the corner.

Our sculptures and 3D figures are just that – unpredictable, yet refined in the smallest details. And tamed by our harmonious team. Although glass laminate is a hard material, resistant to atmospheric conditions, the hands of our designers, sculptors and painters in a spectacular way can breathe life full of shapes and colors. Only then do we release them, and we know that they are already great on all continents.

By becoming our client you get our vast experience and open minds. There is no concept of “you can’t”. It is always possible and always these heads work so that our products are a combination of unconventional art and marketing efficiency. Thanks to this, we have been able to create 3D figures for years, which please the eye, surprise, and sell and promote services.

What makes 3DForm suitable for you

We care about quality

At every stage of production, the quality of your figure is most important to us.

We meet deadlines

The delivery of your order will take place in advance.

We are open to you

Staying in touch, we make sure that your figures are what you expect.