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We strive for perfection effectively.

Do you have an unusual idea that you would like to implement? Then present us your needs and let us create for you a great outdoor advertising, figure, sculpture or the entire collection.

Step by step proces



Do you have an unusual idea that you would like to implement? In that case, present us your needs and let us create for you a wonderful outdoor advertisement in the form of a three-dimensional object, representing any object or character.

We use technologies that enable us to complete almost any order and make a product in accordance with the expected dimensions, details, colors and shapes.

After presenting us your needs, we transfer to the paper or computer the concept in the form of a sketch, visualization or 3D design. We are able to adapt to the largest requirements and create a solution that will be a perfect representation of the idea that was born in your head.

We encourage you to make even the most unusual ideas come true and thus surprise your potential customer.



We use the concepts provided to us by the client and we make high-class outdoor advertising based on photos, sketches, three-dimensional presentations, technical drawings, visualizations or vector files of any format.
We make individual projects that are a reflection of the customer’s idea. All you have to do is give us your expectations in words and we will try to make a project that will perfectly reflect your needs.

We use projects already in the database or modify existing ones to suit the client’s requirements.

The sculpture, model or prototype is made after full acceptance of the project. Our goal is a fully individual approach to customer needs and meeting their expectations.


Model / prototype

Combining work with passion and valuing art, we create unique models and prototypes and sculptures tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship and originality of shapes and methods of finishing, products of this type are perfect both in urban spaces, as well as in private or public green areas. We are able to implement various concepts in accordance with the needs and projects sent to us by the client, but we also have a large number of ready advertising and garden figures that have been prepared in advance.


Form molding

The basis for us to perform any outdoor advertising is a mold prepared in several technologies. It is used for subsequent production and can be freely modified, depending on the customer’s needs. We make advertising and decorative forms in various sizes and shapes.

Each such form allows us to produce from 50 pieces (soft silicone molds) to 500 pieces (hard gel coat molds) of finished products in highest quality and fully adapted to the individual requirements of the customer.



The culmination of our work is always the original and hand-decorated product advertisement, which is second to none as an outdoor or indoor advertisement. Each object, mockup, figure is manufactured and finished by hand by our specialists based on the completed design approved by the customer, as well as the form. Thanks to the meticulousness of our work, we always achieve the desired look, consistent with the concept.

We offer you the possibility of making a single object, as well as mass production, thanks to which you will be able to buy a specific number of finished products of the highest quality.